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Proper levels of Insulation for your attic, walls, basement, floors, and crawl space are essential not only for Home Performance, but also for the comfort of your home. A substantial amount of insulation and a continuous air barrier make up the home's Thermal Boundary. It is very important to make sure you have enough of the right kind of insulation as well as an air tight barrier.

Two tools
To check the Thermal Boundary to see where you stack up to energy efficiency standards we use two tools.
  1. First, we use our Attic Insulation Check Ruler. We simply identify the type of insulation and measure the depth. Each type of insulation has an R-Value per inch associated with it. We multiply the R-Value that is associated with your insulation type by the number of inches and we get the total R-Value of your insulation. With the Attic Insulation Check Ruler we can easily see the R-value of your insulation both before and after the project.

  2. The question is: how do we measure the house to see how airtight the Thermal boundary is? The answer is a Blower Door Test. The blower door is a diagnostic tool that we use to measure the amount of airflow into and out of the home. We run a blower door test before we start the project and do some math to see where you stack up against EnergyStar standards. Then we do the InSEALation work and finally we do a final Blower Door test so that we can quantify the improvements.
These 2 before and after measurements take the guess work out of the InSEALation process. It is easy to quantify the results. We typically see a reduction of energy used of 30-45% in homes where we address the whole house as a system. A typical InSEALation job has a payback of less than 5 years. InSealation work saves more than it costs.

Give us a call, we are glad to come out to your home and do a free assessment.

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Attic Insulation Check Ruler Video
Attic Insulation Check Ruler
Part 1: How to Check the Level of my Attic Insulation
Part 1: How to Check the Level of my Attic Insulation
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Home Performance Check
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