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Proper levels of Insulation for your attic, walls, basement, floors, and crawl space are essential not only for Home Performance, but also for the comfort of your home. A substantial amount of insulation and a continuous air barrier make up the home's Thermal Boundary. It is very important to make sure you have enough of the right kind of insulation as well as an air tight barrier.

The attic is the best place to begin, as it will have the greatest impact on your heating and cooling costs as well as the comfort level of your home. First, we need to check both the type of insulation and the quantity within your home. This will allow us to determine the R-Value of your existing Insulation. We will then survey the attic for openings that allow the air to move through the ceiling plane and in and out of the attic. With this information we can develop a management plan to bring the insulation levels up to current energy efficiency standards.

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Attic Insulation Check Ruler Video
Attic Insulation Check Ruler
Part 1: How to Check the Level of my Attic Insulation
Part 1: How to Check the Level of my Attic Insulation
Home Performance Check
Home Performance Check
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